Helpful Hints

DIY: Poured Wall Rod Hole Repair

  • Poke a screwdriver into the rod hole and clean out debris.
  • Use water in a spray bottle to clean out the hole inside the wall.
  • Use a slightly over-sized natural cork and pack the cork 4" to 6" into the hole with a hammer and a flat ended rod such as a wooden dowel.
  • Remove dowel, mix hydraulic cement and pack cement into the hole as deep as possible. Smooth off with a putty knife and a damp sponge.
  • Do monthly/yearly maintenance on eaves and downspouts
  • Check the grade around the house for 'low pockets' where water can sit. If you have low areas bring in topsoil to raise the grade.
  • Be sure to check that sump pump is working properly
  • If you see water in your basement, first check to make sure it isn't a plumbing leak or pipes sweating. Also, check hot water tank and furnace.

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Be sure to clean out your gutters 1-2 times a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Be sure downspouts are attached securely and extended far enough away from the foundation to keep water away.

Fill in/build up any low areas near the foundation to eliminate puddles of water gathering near your foundation.

Be sure to know how old your sump pump is! Some only have a year guarantee and may need to be replaced before the wet season arrives.

If you notice smaller wet areas in your basement, check any/all plumbing first. Pipes may sweat or be broken and it can cause water in your basement.

Hot water tanks and your furnace may need attention, be sure they are operating properly.